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7 Reasons to Have a Health Check.

Most people put off a visit to the doctor, even when not feeling at their best. Many more people put off going to the doctor when feeling well. So, why should you consider making an appointment with your GP if you’re not sick?


1) Preventative Medicine.

Just like having a car regularly serviced, preventative medicine can detect problems early, which can help avoid more serious issues developing later. A good example of this is checking blood pressure. If your blood pressure is elevated, this can be treated before it has a chance to lead to a serious medical issue like a heart attack or stroke.


2) Building a Relationship With Your GP.

A health check is a good opportunity for you and your GP to learn a bit more about each other. Seeing you in good health, getting your family health history, as well as your own health story, goes a long way toward your GP appreciating the significance of any changes in your health that you may report. A health check is a good way to begin to establish a strong working relationship between you and your GP.


3) Review and Renew Prescriptions.

It’s important for your GP to be aware of all the medications you take, both prescribed and over the counter. A health check is a good time to review which prescriptions you still need, which ones might be stopped, and to make sure you have enough medication to last until your next appointment.


4) Cancer Screening.

Great advances in many types of cancer treatment underline the importance of getting regularly screened for cancer. While our individual risk levels vary, your GP can help make sure that the appropriate cancer screening protocols have been recommended. Examples of cancer screening include the skin check, cervical screening, bowel, screening and prostate health.


5) Vaccinations.

Vaccinations are not just for kids these days. There are new guidelines published that have specific recommendations for children as well as adults, and a health check is an excellent time to make sure you’re up to date. Commonly provided vaccines include the flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, the shingles vaccine and travel vaccines.


6) Mental Health Affects Physical Health.

It’s clear that there is a strong mind-body connection. If your mental health needs help, it can affect your physical health, your personal relationships, and your work. Your GP can offer advice on how you can better manage potential issues with stress, anxiety and/or depression.


7) Healthy Lifestyle Review.

A sedentary lifestyle, smoking, being overweight as well as drinking too much alcohol have all been linked to serious medical consequences. Your GP can offer support in improving your baseline health to decrease your odds of unpleasant medical problems later in life.

Setting up an appointment for a health review with your GP may be low on your to do list, but we here at Terrigal Medical Centre/Avoca Beach Medical Centre would like to encourage you to come down and see us. We’re in the business of keeping our patients as healthy as possible, and a health check is a great way for us to move together down the path of a long, vibrant life.